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My name is Wally Allen. I grew up Flyfishing in Colorado on the same waters as President “ IKE“ Eisenhower and the world famous authors Ernest Schweibert, John Gierch and AK Best. In fact John Gierch and AK Best used to work for me when I owned the Western Angler in Boulder, Colorado.

During the summers of my youth, I worked on the Sheriff's Ranch putting up hay during the day. In the evening, I would head to the Colorado River to catch the hatch. My solid fiberglass rod, silk fly line and gut leaders caught a lot of fish in the 1950’s. I went off to College, then spent 10 years selling real-estate; however, the pull to get back into flyfishing was too great. In 1978 I started a Flyfishing wholesale-manufacturing business full time and I have been there ever since. I am the world’s source of Ligas tying materials and Shape-A-Wate. Thirteen years ago began to assemble professional American fly tyers together for a common purpose to supply, made in the United States, flies at the best prices possible.

Our Mission
Our business mission is to supply the highest quality fly-fishing accessories and flies at the best prices available, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

We appreciate your business and we will do everything possible to satisfy you as a customer.

Thanks for visiting my Web site and thank you for your business!

Wally Allen

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Ligas Discount Flies
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