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Frontier Fly Sale


Special Limited Time offer!Our family has recently made an aggrement and purchased the remaining inventory of Frontier Flies.  A very large inventory of Trout Flies (series 1,000  2,000  3,000  4,000  5000); Salmon/Steelhead Flies (series 6,000);  Bass Flies (series 7,000) and Saltwater Flies (series 9,000). To view availability select here.

Many of these flies can be viewed at www.FlyH2o.com which is the successor to the Frontier Flies where their fly prices are way above ours. Bassproshop.com is a big customer of www.FlyH2o.com who sells these patterns everyday for 2-5 dollars each. To order this special fly inventory   you will need to call or fax in your order or make an appointment to see them. These Frontier Flies are the cutting edge and superb quality.  Pricing  on Trout Flies sold by the dozen or half dozen is (1-5 dz. $9.90/dz over 5 dz. $8.90/dz.  The 6,000 series of Salmon/Steelhead Flies are 1-5 dz $11.95/dz over 5 dz 10.95/dz. The 7,000 series of Bass and Pike Flies are 1-5dz $16.95/dz over 5 dz $14.95/dz and the 9,000 series of Saltwater Flies are 1-5 dz $14.95/dz and over 5 dz $12.95/dz).

Select the Frontier Image for inventory available or click here. For more details info@ligasflies.com or call 303-443-1412.

Idylwilde Fly Sale


New Inventory, Limited Time offer! Hello to our fly fans! We have acquired a very Special Overstock/Discontinued New Fly Inventory from Idylwilde Flies. Many are from Signature Tyers. They are Custom technical patterns and when they sell out they are gone for good. To view availability select here.

This fly inventory is now on our website www.flyfishingflies.com so that you can see our selection but please note, you can not buy them off our website. You will need to call or fax in your order or make an appointment with me to see them! Pricing on Trout Flies sold by the dozen and half dozen only is for 1-5 dozen is $11.95 a dozen and $6.95 half dozen, over 5 dozen is 10.95 a dozen. Select the Idylwilde Image for inventory available or click here. For more details and pricing contact info@ligasflies.com or call 303-443-1412.

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We use expensive premium hackle, like Hoffman, Metz and Spencer. We use chemically sharpened carbon steel needlepoint hooks with micro barbs like Daiichi and Tiemco!

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Order Help:
Please note that all flies are sold by the dozen or half dozen. However, you can mix sizes within the same fly spattern.

Examples of mixing sizes for dozen or half-dozen orders:

  • 3 Adams #12, 3 Adams #14, 6 Adams #16, equals one dozen flies at $12.95

  • 3 Blue Dun #14, 3 Blue Dun #16, equals 1/2 dozen flies at $6.95

Information on sizes and pound sign (#) codes:

Adams fly shows sizes of 8-20 or sizes 8,10,12,14,16,18,20.
Adams is Numbered (#), meaning the price is $12.95 per dozen.

(see catalog)
One # sign $6.95 1/2 dozen (6 flies) $12.95/dozen
Sold by the dozen only
Two ## signs $9.95 1/2 dozen (6 flies) $18.95/dozen
Sold by the dozen only
Three ### signs $16.95 1/2 dozen (6 flies) $32.95/dozen
Sold by the dozen only
All flies sold in half-dozen or full-dozen.
You may mix sizes within each order of half- or full-dozen.



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Free Shipping on orders over $60.00 (4-8 days delivery).

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